Reinventing my self… (again…)

Well, I’ve been trying to add a respectable post here on several times, but the truth is that I’ve been deteling them as soon as I finished writing. I’m not sure what’s going on, I guess this seems like writing to my self sometimes but anyway…, the point of this is at least having some kind of journal and definitley workbooks are not an option anymore…

This time, I wanna share with all of you out there a classic and great video. A friend from work got me into this tune (thanks again Cesar, this is a great memory…) and I keep hearing it again and again in my head…, I guess I’m forced to buy the CD from Amazon one of these days…, so much memories…, damn!! (None of the local stores have it anyway…)

Regarding other more material matters, if you happen to have a problem with the 3.21 update for PS3, related to a «blank screen error» let me tell you there is a quick and fun solution to it, which by the way, none of the Sony forums or even the Knowledge Center has already informed about…, but anyway, if you are suffering with this issue, let me know, place a comment and I will tell you what to do to solve this issue. (Sony sucks by the way…, goodbye Linux in my PS3 for now…)

Well, this is a short post, hope to be back again soon, and if you are still able to check «My Second Time» movie with Catherine Zeta-Jones, let me tell you that you should definitely see it, it’s a very funny movie, and you’ll be surprised of how funny this 40 year old girl can be!!


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